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Give your athletic organization a lasting educational and motivational boost with one of Pam Gundlach’s sports peak performance workshops. Pam specializes in helping you make your program stronger and more successful.

Pam offers her sport psychology consultation, mental toughness workshops at your site and will teach your athletes practical, easy-to-learn skills which will help them better handles the pressure of competition, bounce back from failure, concentrate on what’s important & block out everything else, mentally prepare for big competition, develop confidence and much more!

For parents Pam offers a special session geared towards getting parents “on the team” and training them to do the right things in relation to the coach and their child-athlete. In a powerful, yet humorous way she teaches parents how to avoid the psychological mistakes that cause burnout, performance problems and low self-esteem. She helps parents to clearly understand the role that they need to play to insure that their child has an all-around winning experience in the sport. 

As a coach, you and your staff will learn how to take your program to the next level by integrating applied sport psychology strategies into your existing coaching tools. Topics covered are hand-tailored to meet the specific needs of your program and concerns of the individual coaches.

Workshops fees vary from $500 for 2 hours for a team to $700 for a public workshop.  Please contact Pam directly so that she can tailor a workshop around your needs.​

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