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Pam Gundlach, MA, LPC is a licensed Psychotherapist and Counselor, Sports Psychology Consultant, and a certified Peak Performance Coach who maintains a private practice based in both the Vail Valley, Colorado and Orange County, California. She works with professional, Olympic level, amateur, junior, and transitioning athletes across the country as well as with clients who are seeking general mental health support. She combines her personal competitive experiences, academic credentials, and collective perspective to differentiate her work from the field.
As a licensed therapist, Pam graduated from The University of Colorado (BA) and with post-graduate degrees in Masters of Education at Colorado State University and Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology at the prestigious Adler School of Professional Psychology, Chicago. Pam is also a graduate of Performing Edge Coaching International which offers a powerful mental training performance system with unique strategies.
As a lifetime athlete and business owner, her professional and life experience provides a winning resource of cutting edge expertise paired with real-time competitive experience for her clients.

Pam Gundlach

407 Broadway St. #2

Eagle, CO 81631 



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