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Head Coaching Services

General and Sports Performance Coaching
Head Coach Coaching Services


In addition to psychotherapy, Pam also offers coaching services. Coaching is different than therapy. Therapy is looking throughout the review mirror; Coaching is looking through the front windshield.
Coaching is designed to help people achieve their goals by understanding what motivates, what hinders, and what affects the choices they make in their professional and personal lives.
One-on-One Performance Coaching
As a certified performance coach, Pam can help individuals move forward in their lives. She can help you develop the plan, the confidence, and the motivation to take the necessary steps to reach your goals.
Pam acts as a confidant and mentor, providing an objective perspective that is critical to your success as an individual athlete or team member. She also supports clients looking for balance in their life that may have never stepped onto the playing field. Instead they are looking to perform in their life at a high level and reduce the stress, energy drain, and tolerations in their lives.

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