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Meet "Rickie Fowler"

"I am a competitive level golfer who was looking to take my game to the national level. My mechanics are excellent but my mental skills, diet, and conditioning are less than optimal. Working with Pam, I learned some visualization techniques so that I could still get in some mental practice - using visualization-when my work interfered with opportunities to hit the links.

She also had me working diligently on learning to let go of negative self-talk. Learning to create and replicate positive self-talk statements is now my most powerful tool for taking me to the next level of professional golf. Pam referred me to a registered nutritionist and outlined a more aggressive conditioning program for my off-season training. As a result, I am much more committed to the total picture of my role as an athlete in the sport of golf. And - surprise, surprise- as my fitness keeps increasing, my handicap keeps decreasing!" 

Thanks Pam!

Meet "Mr. VO2 Max"


Pam has worked with a variety of High School and College level athletes and I was introduced to her through one of my friends.  I am a cross-country runner who visited her to address my pre- race anxiety issues. My fitness level and natural abilities are exceptional, but I  repeatedly failed to perform at the level me and my coaches knew I was capable of. Before races I would psyched myself out, setting the stage for a lackluster performance and creating a vicious cycle of frustration and defeat. The work we did together began with documenting, in detail, the following: 1.) Current and future goals; 2.) Current coaching format; 3.) Descriptions of pre-race preparation/rituals; 4.) A summary of post race self-talk and reflections. Pam taught me specific relaxation skills that I could employ at any time; a pre-race visualization was recorded to practice the night before competitions; and, most importantly, the development of a consistent pre-race routine of rituals that did not allow for past anxiety induced behaviors to encroach upon. I kicked some serious butt that season and my enjoyment for racing soared as I was able to harness my mental strengths and marry them with my formidable physical gifts.  Look out world, here I come!

Meet  "Chairman of the Snowboard"


I worked with Pam recently because as a a competitive level snowboarder recovering from a shoulder surgery I not only felt physically weak from the injury, but realized I had suffered some loss of mental strength as well. 

As a businessman, athlete, and movie producer, I was juggling my life and feeling like the balls were consistently dropping.  Using hypnosis, Pam worked me focus on the time I am a rider first, businessman second which allowed me to focus on his riding.  Then the hypnosis was used to help heal from my surgery pinpointing and managing the stress.   The outcome was I am a more calm, focused rider and businessman who produced an epic snowboarding film showcasing my talents.

Meet "Alisa Camplin"


After a bad fall, I worked with Pam  after my parents asked Pam to ensure I was “good to go”.  I am a ski jump aerialist and was still dealing with a great deal of fear and was heading off to the Olympic Trials.  We discovered that my fear was around a “Blind Landing” which means I wasn’t able to spot my landing point in a jump until I was basically on it.  This gave me anxiety due to my fall prior under similar circumstances. 

Using visualization, Pam was able to help me spot the landing in my mind, giving me more confidence during the jump.  The outcome was a more confident, less fearful skier (me) who learned to use my mind to overcome the fears my body was feeling.


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